Saturday, March 12, 2011


Akbash dogs are one of the best breed of dogs. I own an akbash and rotti mix and he is HUGE! I love to play fight with him because he gets excited and burns lots of energy ;).... it helps keep him calm after a long day of being locked in a house. The primary focus of this blog is to share my knowledge and experience with my half Akbash dog.

In general this type of dog is amazing and obedient. He watches over my two other dogs and acts as a protector to the home. He loves to run off the leash in parks and wrestle other dogs to the ground. A lot of the characteristics he displays are explained in any typical Akbash breed definition. I will try not to make this blog too much of a regurgitation of what is already out their regarding this breed.

For a visualization I have linked a video I found that resembles my dog. Basically, put both dogs in this video into one breed and you have my dog... Enjoy ;)